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Entrepreneurship Immersion Week 2010


The team for Hiram College won the 2010 EEC Immersion Week competition.


Ashland Baldwin Wallace Case Western Hiram
Anthony Cosentino
Elizabeth Wilfong
Catherine Wolf
Jeanne DuBois
Brittany Hale
Ryan Brock
Kristopher Smeage
Kristine Lahman
Peter Fournier
Philip Stryczny
Julie Embly
Samantha Nardone
Nathan Teley
Gary Bhagat
Solomon Akhasov
Austin Schmidt
Kara Vantaggi
Nicole Spencer
Daniel Fakhoury
Sydney Vore
Adam Miller

John Carroll Kent State Lake Erie Univ of Akron
Jeanniece Jackson
Paul Merrill
Maria Perossa
Rosario Scibona III
Corey Barnett
Christopher Litner
Patrick Welsh
Danny Butler
Mark Versaw
Emilie Liadis
Victoria Schreiber
Shreyasi Parihar
Kyle Herron
Brittany Swansboro
Dani Fribourg
Kayla Brown
Danya Taraban
Alex Modon
Paul Ridley
Anthony Cosentino

What Are Participants Saying?

As you think about the week, what stands out for you as the biggest thing you learned about yourself?
A lot of it was leadership, I didn’t know I was a leader besides a couple things here and there. It stood out in my mind during the week. There were times our team was gonna break down, and I found that I was kind of leading them through that.

In what ways do you feel different about becoming/being an entrepreneur than you did before the program?
I am more open to it. More excited about it. I see it as more as a possibility. Being your own boss has challenges, but there is something about working for yourself. I see it more than “A way to make money on the side.”

What stands out for you as the biggest learning you gained from the team project/team experience?
We all came from different background, good to see that different people bring different strengths to the table, different ways of thinking. One was very creative, one was very analytical, etc.

What, if anything, ENHANCED your team’s productivity? What, if anything, INHIBITED your team’s productivity?
Enhanced: The team work aspect. Good communication—saying what needed to be done and actually doing it. People being mature enough to know that they don’t have to be THE leader to be important. Inhibited: We started getting too comfortable with each other and having fun.

Is there anything you would change about the team project?
Seeing as how the most simple project was the winner, it would have been advantageous of us to pick something simple that can be put on the market right away. But it terms of our idea, I think it would be very successful.

What do you think this program has given you that can help you?
The information definitely, the contacts and the networking. I graduate in May—the advisors contacted us on Linked In right away. I know I have help in the future.

What type of support would you like moving forward?
Ideally, because any venture that I do would be my first one, it would be great to have a mentor available, whether I can physically contact them or some kind of website application that can answer my common questions and situations that happen with a new venture.

What is your next step or action as an (aspiring) entrepreneur? Has this program contributed to your plan?
Continue college and see where that takes me. I do have a small business I started 2 years ago. I think I’m going to grow it and lease a building. The program really helped me with it—how to keep it running.

Would you recommend this program to other aspiring entrepreneurs?
Yes I would, it gives you great insight. I had a lot of fun with some of the group members. I would do it again. I’d recommend it to anybody…not just aspiring entrepreneurs.

Are there any questions or comments you still have about the program…..either the content or the program itself…..that you would like to have answered?
Just make sure that we have more time. More testimonials of how they STARTED their business, like Denise Easterling. No one else talked about where they got their financing. That was really helpful.

Is there any other feedback you’d like to share that I’ve not covered with these questions?
Having more time in the middle of the day to work on projects would be great, because we were really, really tired. If we could have an hour to meet with our school’s coordinator like a week before the program, that would help.

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